Troubling loading model in Colab

Hey guys,
We have troubles with loading model becouse of our dataset, we think?
Our problem occurs when we are trying to access our prefixed folders with pictures and CSV file. We have successfully created a split dataset with labels, but when we run the model it doesn’t execute. We have attached a picture of a small section of the dataset. and the That should prepare the data sets before training model we used James code for planet lesson 3 but it did not work so we created and new code so preparing the dataset for modeling but when we do that the model is not able to function.

We are completely lost and any help will be much appreciated!

Section of dataset:

James code:

New code that prepare the dataset but dose not work:

if needed the link to Colab.
but is a little bit massy.

Can you provide us the code you’re trying? And what exactly the error message is? we can’t do much without it :slight_smile:

when we run James code it says there is a syntax error.

The bottom will not work as it doesn’t know this is multi label. It looks like your call to imagelist has two parentheses in there (ImageList((. Try just having one ImageList.from_csv(path, etc)

Thank you muellerzr for yor answer, so it would be like this?

I do not really get it?
If it is usefull
my path is defined as:

@nickteim you want to do:

(ImageList.from_csv(path, '\export_dataframe.csv', suffix='.jpg')
.label_from_df(label_delim=' '))

Notice how you had an extra ( in there

Year thanks it works, so what now?

Do you know where the “1” comes from ind ([Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/content/train_images/1’)