Tips on Improving Accuracy?

I just finished lessons 1 & 2. In both lessons I’ve been trying to train a model to recognize 11 different species of fish. For my lesson 1 model, I hand selected 30 images of each species and got up to 88% accuracy on the validation set. After lesson 2, I downloaded around 350 images for each species and then cleaned using the techniques mentioned in the lecture & notebook. With all the additional data, I’m stuck at just better than 70% accuracy.

I’m not sure if this is normal, or if I’m doing something wrong. I guess 70% is still decent since random guessing would be under 10% accuracy, but it’s no where near the 90+% accuracy shown in the lecture. Should I keep working at this or should I keep moving with the lessons?

Notebooks can be found here:

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Thats great progress given you’re at Lesson 2. More things you could try are below, some might be more advanced for where you are in your learning right now:

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Thank you @morgan! I’ll look into those! I appreciate the feedback!


Thanks, this was helpful for me too!

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