Timings for Paperspace Gradient GPUs


I am a student in India and I have been following the course. Running Jupyter notebooks on Paperspace Gradients with their free GPUs had been excellent. However, these days the availability of the free GPUs is exceedingly limited and it is quite difficult to get hold of them

Can anyone here suggest me some timings where you have observed them to be generally available. I used to work in the morning around 6 am(Indian time) and got them easily, but not these days!

Greetings, this won’t be strictly correct, but here’s a nice visualization that shows roughly what percent of the world is awake at a given time, perhaps you can try paperspace at times that it says that few people are awake? Unfortunately it looks like the time of day that most people are asleep is the middle of the night in India.

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That is very kind of you
Thanks a lot!

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