This is for the machine learning course or actually pertaining to fastai modules in general

So I just finished the 2nd lesson on ML with fastai.

There are so many functions Jeremy and Rachel have made to make life simpler for us. But I wanted to know how will we know about the functions that are written by them and are a part of the module.

Idk if my question was clear but could use some help.

There are some tips and tricks that you will learn along the ML and DL courses. But apparently you could use shift tap with the function to see the function help ( parameters, file path , etc). By the way function and modules are in the fastai/fastai folder. You could use any IDE to debug and see functions ( visual studio code recommended in DL courses). Hope this helps you.

Hi Thanks for the reply.

I did know about about the shift tab thing

What I meant to ask was, for example Jermey wrote a function that converts all object dtypes in the dataframe in to categories rather than us doing it individually. If we didn’t see the courses we wouldn’t know about it. So is there like documentation with all these things in one place?