The Popcorn super amazing study group . fastai 🍿

Let’s get to the point, you need a study group, because you know that learning with friends is much better than learning alone.

I need a study group, and just like you… I can’t find a study group that just started NOTHING ago.

What if we all help each other? what if we learn together? and what if we kick the ass of our kaggle competitors… also together?

Join us friend, here we wait for you :wink:


What’s the timezone/s you’re thinking of for the study group?

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For now we are:
a person from dublin and another from Spain.
However, I don’t see the different timezones as important, because being in a watsapp group we can respond at any time and despite the timezone I think we have time to talk on video call if you need.
I would say try to join for a while and see what you think, but I’m telling you, sure you won’t regret joining the club :wink: :popcorn:

Seems cool Luis, I joined the group chat ^^

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great :smile:

Great idea, I’ve joined the chat. I look forward to contributing and learning form you!

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Nice, welcome to the club Stephen :wink:

Okay I’m in for the ride!

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Welcome to the popcorn playground Antonin :wink:

I don’t have WhatsApp so far. Finally a reason to have it. So far I successfully shied away from it in favour of Wire and Telegramm.

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Great, you don’t know how glad I am to hear that, welcome to the group :wink:

Hi All,
I have joined the group.
Just finished week 1

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Perfect Noel, welcome to the club, you know, you’ve got us for everything :wink:

Hi All,

Just joined the group

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Perfect, welcome to the club :wink:

Hi all, joining group as well. :wave: