The official @sgugger appreciation thread

Thank you very much for your help and patience, Sylvain!

The v3 was an amazing experience! :smiley:

Thanks very much @sgugger for your help, patience and inspiration.

Thanks a lot to everyone that put a comment on this topic. Sorry it took me a little bit of time, I was literally dying of embarrassment (why couldn’t Jeremy just say thank you Sylvain?) and needed a bit of time before posting here.
All of your messages made my last past days and if I ever come in a situation where I think whatever I have to do for fastai is too hard, I’ll definitely come back and have a look at that thread :slight_smile:

PS: @jeremy You’re the one who’s saying encore wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 - that Meetup was a highlight of the course. Sylvain is a mine of knowledge who mastered a huge field with incredible speed and insight - and so so humble. Thank you!


A lot of people have skimped on the bit where they limit the impact of @sgugger’s ego, so I’ll step in with more.

I’ve never seen anyone quite as bad with computers as Sylvain. Two examples:

  1. He actually has managed to break the clock on his computer. How can anyone break the clock?!? It’s so totally broken I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. So the time on his computer is always totally wrong
  2. Within a day of setting up a new AWS instance it somehow destroyed itself completely and we had to set up a new one, which he destroyed the next day.

I’m not sure he actually does anything wrong - it just seems like computers really don’t like him. I’ll repeat the exact same steps that break for him, and it works fine for me. I feel like he’s chosen the wrong field for someone who has such a bad relationship with computers. He used to teach math, which seemed to work much better…


Thanks Sylvain for your dedication and patience! It is very clear that there is a lot of work behind the library and the course to push things from good to excellent. It is hard to find things that you love vs kinda like and I love fastai. Thank you!


Crazy @sgugger is a misfit, an undercover rebel and a disguised troublemaker!

When I see people like @sgugger and @jeremy doing what they do, this video comes to my mind:

These people are crazy enough that they think they can change the world …

Cheers, to the crazy ones!

PS: @jeremy is a real rebel and troublemaker. No disguise.


Thank you @sgugger for all that you have done for this class.

I really never get close to appreciate the full extent of your work until I looked through the list of PRs and issues you have to process, in addition to all your patient help to all the students and participants on the forum. How in the world did a human being manage to do all these? I have no clue. Maybe you are just of your own kind, Homo Sguggerian? You are truly amazing.

Though I could not possibly appreciate all you have to do for fastai, I am pretty sure that it has made your life more difficult to have idiots like me who point fingers at the ways things are done, ask ignorant questions on the forum, and submit silly issues and PRs, without knowing a dime about the project. Sorry for making your already challenging life more difficult and frustrating. :persevere:

Next time when you catch me doing stupid things, you are more than welcomed to kick my ass and call me out, so that I can learn a lesson from it. Definitely don’t feel bad about yourself and leave fastai behind because of fools like me. You have brought such wonder to people’s lives. It would be truly a pity to lose a model to look up to.


Great article on your deep learning journey. I thought there is a huge typo, did a double-take, then realised it wasn’t :smiley:


yes what an amazing and inspiring article

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Thanks a lot to Sylvian and Jeremy for this great library. It was nice meeting you guys in Montreal. Sylvian was very humble to talk with and has helped me with issues i had with fastai library.

Hope to run in to you some other time as well.

Keep enjoying :slight_smile:

Sylvain, (english translation below),

j’ai failli t’envoyer un message sur Linkedin hier, parce que j’ai enfin accès aux vidéos, et hier j’entrainais un modèle et je me disais que même les barres de progrès sont super classe !

Beau boulot !

I was about to send to a message yesterday on Linkedin, cause I finally got access to the class videos, and I was training a model I was like ‘Jezz, even the progress bars look awesome’ !

Keep up the good work !

Thanks Sylvain! You are much appreciated. Also I really enjoyed the article you wrote and it caused me to prioritize starting I just finished lesson 1. Cheers!