The NLP Course has Been Released!

For the last few months @rachel has been teaching a course on Natural Language Processing, and it has finally been released! "A Code-First Introduction to Natural Language Processing"

Blog post: blog
Videos: youtube
Notebooks: notebooks


wow, sounds great!

I’m new to the field of AI/Deep Learning in general.
I would like to be able to build an NLP project for work.
Can I jump straight into this course or is the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders’ course a prerequisite?

It’s recommended, and the practical Deep Learning course does a wonderful job showing how it’s done using the Fast.AI library, but this course uses a variety of libraries. So I’d recommend do this course, as Jeremy shows up and shows some of the Fast.AI functionalities too! And then if you’re confused on anything or want further information on the Fast.AI nlp library I’d then go to practical.


Well! That was fast.

Wow! I’m super excited! Can wait to finish the DL course and then smash this NLP one!
Thanks guys for all this opensource contribution!

Really impressed with the amount and quality of material you guys are producing!

Is there going to be a separate forum for this course?


I would also like to know if we will get separate forum for this course or where we could ask questions regarding to NLP course.

@sgugger or @jeremy would this be possible? I understand you guys are writing some more side courses as well (like the GAN) so Maybe a new forum for “other courses” that aren’t specifically Part 1 or Part 2 with separate subforums for each course? (Just an idea :slight_smile: )


That’s certainly worth considering - thanks for the idea Zachary.


Do we have separate forum for the new NLP course taught by Rachel ?