The newer version of swift in colab

It seems many things changed in colab since my last visit 24 hours ago. call replaces applied when defining the model forward pass. However, the official tutorials still mention applied which is confusing. Ah, and I am getting this weird error when calling the model on a tensor

expression produced error: error: /tmp/expr127-c1de62..swift:1:65: error: use of undeclared type '__lldb_expr_71' Swift._DebuggerSupport.stringForPrintObject(Swift.UnsafePointer<__lldb_expr_71.CNN.Output>(bitPattern: 0x7f69424b7f80)!.pointee)

Try wrapping it in print().

Yup, that worked. Wondering, if the error message could be improved ?

Better would be to fix the bug :slight_smile:

Tutorials are updated:

We’ll update the ones this week.