The model in /storage/models/wt103-fwd is incomplete, download again

Anyone got the error below ?:

Here are my imports

Also does this mean i have the latest version of fastAi ? If not how do i get it ? i tried it with
pip install fastai but it says all the dependencies were met already so im guessing im on the latest version …

I hit the exact same error - were you able to find a way to get around this?

i shifted to google colab and the issue disappeared man

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I able to get this working in Colab, but I wanted to persevere with getting it to work in Gradient as well. Here’s what I had to do to deal with the error in Gradient:

  • run a notebook on Colab that included the following
    learn = language_model_learner(dls,AWD_LSTM,metrics=accuracy)
  • once you’ve run that, /root/.fastai/models/wt103-fwd will contain the files you need: itos_wt103.pkl, lstm_fwd.pth
  • copy these two files to a folder you can get at in Drive
  • upload these two files from Drive to /storage/models/wt103-fwd in your Gradient instance

Once I had done this, I was able to run the following in Gradient without error:
learn = language_model_learner(dls,AWD_LSTM,metrics=accuracy)