Tensorflow doesn't work with paperspace

(Christian Tchou) #1

Hi guys,

I just started fast.ai and I’m really excited about it.
I was trying to implement a project in tensorflow on paperspace.
Therefore it seems it doesn’t work as when I try to import tensorflow with the following command :slight_smile:

import tensforflow as tf

The kernel continuously crashes and restart. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

(Gokul) #2

fastai is written is on top of pyTorch and hence all the dependencies are met with respect to pytorch (on pre-built fast.ai mooc vm)
If you are looking to use tensorflow on paperspace (m assuming you used pre-built fast-ai vm), you might have to install it yourself.

(Christian Tchou) #3

Hello thank you for your reply.
Yes sorry I didn’t get my self clear, i installed tensorflow with the console by using pip install tensorflow, while I was in the fastai environnement.

The problems seems not to be that tf is not installed, but rather there is a kind of bug when I try to import it?
Maybe there are some compatibility problems with the prebuild fast ai vm?