- Democratizing machine learning competitions to empower the community

I think this is a good initiative, so I share its link here:

Telesto just started now as a small startup, right after the alpha phase, but its platform is kind of competitive in design and functionality too + it wants to empower the ai developers with more frequent reward cycle than we usually saw on other competition platforms - rewards on every week, not after 1-2-3 months!
It also wants to empower the organizers with deployable, already working solutions weekly.
And last but not least, it doesn’t want to “steal” the organizers and competitors money - I just saying, because some other platforms organize for sooo much money and gives sooo little for the winners, it seems kind of stealing for me… and it’s very sad… :frowning:
So it’s not just for fun, and proof of concept, but fun and production at the same time :slight_smile:
This whole crowdsourcing iteration seems very attractive and interesting :slight_smile:

Actually I helped to test its alpha phase with docker submissions, that’s why I know this platform doesn’t just exist, it also works properly.

But the platform needs competitions first - then it will have a lot of competitors I’m sure, so if anybody in this community wants to organize any ai competitions,
well, this is the place :wink:
Here we could try out our best fastai codes and make real progress on the competitions in a fast & fun way ^^