Tech Talk on "Neural Approaches to Recommendation Engines" (Bengaluru, India)

Greetings to all of you.

There’s a Data Hack Summit that’s scheduled for the next 3 days, here in Bengaluru, India, by the folks at Analytics Vidhya, a very popular community of data scientists here in India ( There are a bunch of talks given by thoughts leaders in Data Sciences and Machine Learning space, there are also live hack sessions where some of us will be live coding and demonstrating few concepts. There are full day workshops too.

In light of this event, after the v1 course by @jeremy, I was interested in recommendation systems using Deep Learning, and hence I decided to give a live hack session on this topic. I challenged myself to deliver this talk, thus making sure I understand the concepts thoroughly and learn, take feedback, improve in the process. I faced a few hiccups getting my neural net to work well with this dataset. However, I’m sure I’d make progress if I put in enough effort and push my net towards convergence!

I’m sharing the notebook with the broader community, for our collective benefit.

Feel free to comment, criticise, suggest any improvements! :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your boldness and on getting to the point you can pull this off! :smiley:

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@jeremy will there be discussion about recommender system in the upcoming sessions

Yes there will.

Seems like a great lineup of talks, @binga, All the best!

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Exactly. Pretty comprehensive for a 2-day summit !