Tabular: get_preds no values for targs are found

preds, targs= learn.get_preds(dl=test_dl)

I get the targs empty when I try the upper code on tabular dataset.

What should I pass to get values for the targs.

If I pass nothing like this:
preds, targs= learn.get_preds()
I get the values for the preds and targs but the number of rows is increased than the test row number.
Fastai_v= 2.0.15.

We need more information than this. How are you generating your test_dl? Does that dataframe has the labels present? Is it named the same column?

Thank’s for reply.
The test is created like this:
test_dl = learn.dls.test_dl(test)
where test is a dataframe read from CSV. It has labels and is named the same columns.