Syntax Error

I am getting the following error although i am using Python 3.6. Please help me resolve this error.

File “fastai/”, line 45 if pre: load_model(m, f’{path}/weights/{fn}.pth’) ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Can you share some code, where you are getting error. Also, can you confirm your fastai version.

It is difficult to help you with your syntax if you don’t show the code

I’d recommend to read some results from here

The link you shared, no words to express it.:heart_eyes:

Thank you everyone for the help. The issue is now resolved.

I am glad to hear that.

Since these forums are for everyone to learn, would you mind explaining the issue & solution?

In that way, the next person who searches for your error will find the at least one answer straight away and will be thankful to you for posting it.