Sudoku for better understanding of fastai data preparation

Hey fastai community

I played around with the idea of “gamifying” learning about the data loading phase of fastai-supported ML. The motivation for this is that when starting new projects where the data and objective is different to what was seen in class, I often find myself getting stuck on the first hurdle of data preparation. I’m sure that there are others that can relate, especially if you are self-taught like me - I have abandoned a few projects because I just couldn’t wrap my head around some of these foundation concepts before even creating a Learner.

Therefore, I created a notebook and sample solution that attempts to force you to learn about these data loading/preparation concepts while trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

I created a Github repo here for anyone to give feedback, etc. I’ll admit that it is possible the benefit comes from designing the game rather than playing it, but I am hoping that there may be others who find this useful so that you don’t struggle as long as I did on these concepts.

Any ideas, critiques, feedback welcome


Cool! I see frontmatter - do you have a github pages site with this notebook too?

I do! Granted the page doesn’t really have an identity (yet) but these Sudoku notebooks are now top of the list. Here it is.