Study together?

Hi! Is anyone interested to study together with me? We could create discord/slack channel, or just chat together. I am open to suggestion. Looking forward to hearing from you soon :grin:

I am Based in Central Europe UTC/GMT +1 hour


I can join!
but you may face some problems with my English ! but we can try

Let us do it. Let me know if you are fine with scheduling a weekly meeting apart from a chat flow on any platform. I have just started the course (on my way to wrap up Lesson 1).

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Let’s try!

Join this group

I’d be interested in doing this as well. I have some experience from the 2020 course so I’d like to refine everything and this might be a great opportunity for me to help and learn deeper.

Have you made any group other than telegram?

I’d like to join the Telegram group too please!

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Hey, Can I join in too, I am GMT +5:30 based but +1 works?

Please do I am from India as well.

Hi, I can join too. I am based in North America.

Hi! I can join. I’m also based in europe GTM +2