Study groups in SF

The SF study group yesterday successfully completed this terrific PR. Great to see such quick progress!


I am definitely interested Jason, I’ll be in SF since Tuesday, let me know!

Lots of successful work last week in the SF study group, including:

  • The start of a documentation project
  • New research in to architectures for segmentation
  • Debugging memory leaks in fastai

FYI I won’t be in until late morning today, since I’m on toddler duty :slight_smile:


Looking forward to coming to SF tomorrow. I am hoping to try out what we learnt this week on a new dataset. Anyone has a dataset suggestion?

There’s a thread here on that exact topic - maybe a search for ‘coco’ will find it.

Awesome. Lots of great work -

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Just added this google doc. Feel free to add other SF study group projects if you wish.

Hi Jeremy,

Incase we have questions on a few implementation details on these projects, where do you suggest we discuss them? Maybe start a separate thread?

I’m not sure Phani - we can experiment. I think the best approaches are either to add comments to the google doc, or to discuss here in this thread.

If some project starts getting big enough to last a while, we can always create a new thread at that time.

Hi everyone, I left my cell phone in room 153 today (it was on the floor, charging). I was wondering if anybody saw it and picked it up by any chance? I left around 6:00 pm.

What’s the best way to begin contributing to the documentation project mentioned in the Google doc? I haven’t been able to be in SF much the last 2 weeks, but I’m planning to join study hours most days next week. Thanks!

Some of us are meeting today in AirBnB building because USF is closed. 888 brannan street san francisco CA. THe company I work for has a branch there called SAP Concur and I have set up a conference room for us until 12 when sadly I have to go, but afterwards you can sit in the open seating AirBnB provides in the lobby Call me at 41503104576 when you arrive John


I had a problem with the hostel and i will not be able to make it today. Im down for tomorrow and sunday though

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That’s the best way I think - once @rachel and I finish the first module, it’ll be much easier since you can just copy the basic structure there.

In the meantime, contributing to the docstrings is helpful, since we’ll be using those to create the initial doc versions.



Life at the SF study group.


is anyone going to aws summit tomorrow April 4? it’s free and I think there’s food you hungry lot.

Yeah I think a bunch of us are going. Thanks for the reminder!

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Noob question: Is there a specific names for the laptop stands?
I can’t find one on Amazon and I’ve already been breaking my back :sweat_smile:

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Laptop Stand

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