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Hi There,

I’ve often found the journey to learning Deep Learning a lonesome one. This would often demotivate me and I would deviate from the path. Going through different forums, I realized, that this is the case for many others out there. They want to learn deep learning but are lacking the discipline, the companionship along the way to discuss and share amongst like minded people.

To tackle this, I am hosting a study group for the FastAI (2020). Starting 27th September, 2020. Join me and get started with your journey. Every week, we’ll go through one lecture of the curriculum on your own time and host a dedicated one hour Q&A session every Sunday on slack to discuss progress and difficulty encountered on the way.

Join the slack community here. And be assured that you aren’t alone.

Hope to see you there soon.



joining now

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joined! :wink:

Found this on time! and joined right away :slight_smile:

Hi Santosh,

The link seems to be broken? I would like to join.

Thanks. Please let me know.

@Santosh1 @simone.parvizi @rajeshN @vikasosmium anyone can help me with this? to join asap?