Study group Polska

there are some of us that registered using ip originating from Poland* and i am sure there are more that registered from other parts of the world and will be interested too!

the goal of the study group is to meet fellow fastai and deep learning practitioners and learn more together. we will use the following:

  • dedicated forum thread (the one you are reading :slight_smile: ),

  • weekly virtual meetup on Thursdays at 8pm Central European Time. join us using this link

  • folder to store and share learning materials, etc

everyone is invited to join and participate!

*thanks to @AlisonDavey for the nice visualization!


Super I’m in :slight_smile:

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Hi, Thanks for organising this! I’m happy to help and we can indeed meet every week or so.

I finished part2 this year so I’m here mostly to get updates and to get to know fastaiv1 and help ppl around. I’m based in Wroclaw.



Jako że w naszej strefie czasowej transmisje wypadają o jakiejś nieludzkiej porze pytanie: czy ktoś ma opatentowane nagrywanie streamu tak aby go spokojnie obejrzeć nazajutrz?

Nie potrzeba żadnego patentu.

Recordings of the lectures will be available immediately after the lesson ends - although we would ask that you really try to join live if at all possible, otherwise you won’t be able to interact during the class.

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Ja chętnie dołączę z Koszalina :slight_smile:

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Hi All,
I am also based in Krakow and was part of v1 and v2 last year.
Will be happy to join the study group but unfortunately I do not speak polish. So do not want to be a hindrance to others :slight_smile:
I want to deepen my understanding DL and practice coding with this new version of course.

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voting time! :slight_smile:

let me know if other days / times work better

Hey all,
It would be nice to have Polish group here :slight_smile: Cheers from Poznan (more or less).
Great idea with online meetings time to time as it might be difficult to form stationary study groups in our cities.
@miwojc in weekends later hours (19-20 or even later) would work better for me.

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Dla mnie tez po 20 pasuje bardziej :slight_smile:

Guys how about a private group in as Jeremy suggested so that w can talk in Polish? I will create one and invite you. if i forget about someone let me know.

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sorry i missed that one. was trying to multitask, but wasn’t good at it lol. live stream, in class dicussion, slack, oh my… lol

that would be great. thanks @piotr.czapla

nice mention in today’s lecture @piotr.czapla congrats!

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added to the poll: Sobota and Niedziela at 19.00 and 20.00

I have a slack workspace for GMT+1, GMT+2. I could create polish channel if you wanted. There are also nice AI meetups in Poznan

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you mean WiML or something else?

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Yup, that’s what I’ve meant :wink:

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this seems to be a closed group?

but it’s very inclusive, you just have to ask to join.

There is other group in Poznan: Poznan School of AI, but I don’t know much about it.

thanks! looks good!