Study Group in Krakow-Poland

Hello fellow learners,

Anyone from Poland- Krakow, who is interested to form a study group ?

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Me :slight_smile:

Hey Sergii…lets connect sometime if you want to :slight_smile:

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I am located in London, so probably could join your study group :slight_smile: let me know!


Will Wroclaw work for you :slight_smile:?

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Hello / Witam!
@sermakarevich @piotr.czapla @Gaurav85 @Jacek
Will you be interested to join online study group ‘po polsku’? London, Krakow, Wroclaw will work fine then! We can use zoom or similar for a weekly online meetup.

Regards / Pozdrawiam

I am in for the study group :slight_smile:
But I am a beginner in DL and Python/Pytorch so don’t know if i fit in.

Currently,I am practicing the lessons and Pytorch tutorials.

Yeah we have a small deep-learning focused study group in Wroclaw, we use slack, I can invite you although I think that this forum works better for a bit offline communication and it will make use visit the forum more often.

We can start a private conversation and switch to Polish, as long as we have ~ 10 ppl in the conversation we won’t need many more channels than this one.

btw @mkardas you might want to join this thread.

adding @Michal_w
v3 course could be a good trigger to re-start if people are still interested?

Hi lads:)/Witam :slight_smile:

My life stuck in Ireland:)
Wil delighted to use the Polish language:)



just in case anyone is interested to join study group Polska:

@miwojc it says I don’t have access to this. What should I do to get access?
I am also interested in a study group, although I am only doing part 1 of the course at the moment

it could be that, at the moment the v3 course thread is only accessible for users registered for fastai Live, i’ll share the details here as well:

  • weekly virtual meetup on Thursdays at 8pm Central European Time. join us using this link
  • folder to store and share learning materials, etc

everyone is invited to join and participate!

we just started with lesson 1 DL part 1 v3