Study group in Germany

Hey guys,

I’m Berlin based and would love to have a study group to work through the course together. That way we can talk about the content and motivate each other.
Let me know if ur interested! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m between Bremen and Berlin. Would be glad to join the study group, I think it really helps with these MOOCs.


Ich auch! I am based in Berlin. I am just a beginner, but still, wanting to work with others in understanding this new FastAI2 framework.

Great! How do you guys want to organize? Discord? Whatsapp? I’d prefer discord but I’ve never set up a server

Hey. I would like to join, too :slight_smile:
Cheers from Nürnberg!

Hi everyone great idea! I would like to join as well. What do you think about a slack group?

If you can use it for free, sure!

Totally fine for me, too! Do you open a channel?

You can join here. First time I am setting up a channel myself, so hope it worked properly.

It is free.

@mko25 @pythoneer @tiedbranches @ceremona

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Joined the channel, looking forward to some good talks :slight_smile:

Hey, sounds cool. I will join too :slight_smile:

Hi all, great idea, joined the channel, hope to see you all there!

Cool! I’m from Stuttgart, looking forward to see you people there :slight_smile: