Study group in Columbus, Oh or virtual for Eastern time

Anyone in Columbus area willing to setup to discuss class weekly, online or in person?

Or what about a virtual meetup for those in Eastern time?

Agenda would be to
1)chat about weeks lesson,
2) discuss our implementations and problems with implementation and other ideas from class,
3) collaborate on projects from interesting papers or write out own paper. BMVC, a computer vision conference is in 40 days



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Hi Nikky (@nchukaobah), great to meet you! Eastern Time works for me virtually.

Do you have a preference for time? How about Thursday evenings?


I am in CST(Dallas) so it should work for me if virtual.

Count me in. I’m in Mexico, so we haven’t even had DST yet. Just let me know the time/channel and I can be there.

Is there still any interest in this? I just had a virtual study group and it was actually really great!

I’ll leave a note here the next time I have one.


Interested in doing another online meeting. Monday morning? Saturday some time? Any other time?