Starter issues with Paperspace for fastai Machine Leaning course

I’m trying to implement the machine learning course on paperspace as crestle seems to be down for individual users already. I couldn’t find any links on how to setup paperspace for the machine leaning course. Most are talking about setting up deep learning part 1 environment. Can someone guide me on this as I’m really interested in doing the ML course before getting into deep learning.
Reasons I created a new post:
Most threads here are talking about issues with setting up paperspace for machine learning course and infact I couldn’t find any dedicated post for setting up machine leanring course environment on paper space.
Thank you for reading and please help me with the same as my laptop is struggling to run on these architectures

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Hi @yaswanthbangaru I was able to do the Fastai Machine Learning course with fastai version 1. Follow the installation directions for fastai version 1, and you should be all set.

Hi @yaswanthbangaru, Paperspace actually provides the course completely ready to go, so you don’t need to do any complicated setup. You can also run the course for free using Gradient Community Notebooks. Just make a free account, log in, and then click on “Notebooks” under “Gradient” on the navigation bar on the left. Click “Create Notebook,” then “Paperspace +” (the very first option), and select “Free GPU.” Finally, click on “Create Notebook.” You can then start your notebook and you’ll have access to all of the course materials with any dependencies pre-installed. :slight_smile:


My weekend has been amazing! Love the timing. Thank you, that’s working.


I think for the ML course you need to choose Paperspace + v0.7