Some reflection on Radek's 1st newsletter

help other is the best way forward

Reflection on Radek’s 1st newsletter

One way to summarize Radek’s secret to success is the following:

No matter which stage of journey in the deep learning or any subject, when you are doing your best to help others to learn what you learnt and what you are dying to find out, and if you persist, you will be happy and successful.

I have dreamed of such hypothesis many times when I motivated myself to share online, and Radek proved it to be solid and true! No time to waste now!

Another extremely simple but shocking secret to Radek’s success is, in his words (now I can recite):

I would suspend my disbelief and do exactly what Jeremy Howard told us to do in the lectures

What Jeremy told us to do is loud and clear, the 4 steps (watch, experiment, reproduce, apply elsewhere). More importantly, they are true and working if one holds onto it like Radek did.

Why I am always trying to do something different? Why couldn’t I just follow this great advice right from the start? I walked a long way around it and luckily I get my sense back and move onto the second step now.

Note: from the link above, you can find Radek’s newsletter signup, quotes from the newsletter, and my long walk toward the 4 steps.


I do have this strange tendency to drift away. I don’t know why it arises, this tendency. Perhaps, it is because I am pre-conditioned to some stuff because of which my mind tells me to try other things.

I try to remind myself of this exact message and stick to Jeremy’s advice. I am doing well so far. I am in Lesson 4. 4 more lessons to go!


good job!