[solved] Unable to create my own image dataset (Lesson 2)

Hi Guys,

I am not able to create an image dataset using the commands in Lesson 2.

urls = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(’.rg_di .rg_meta’)).map(el=>JSON.parse(el.textContent).ou);
window.open(‘data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,’ + escape(urls.join(’\n’)));

Basically the pop up window does not open. I just get this message on the console (PS: Tried turning off the pop up blocker as well.

I tried to look for alternatives on firefox but could not give any command on the console in firefox.

PS: Tried looking for similar topic but could not find, hence creating a new one. Feel free to point me to appropriate help, and I would be fine to delete this one!

I remember trying this in Firefox and it didn’t work. However, it worked fine in Chrome.

This is what I get in the control panel… no window opens up

I was able to solve it… After running the script now the file gets saved as just “download” without extension. I could change that to appropriate filename.text and continue with the course.

Hello! I am facing the same problem. Can you tell how you solved it?

Make sure your adblock is off, paste the js from the Jupyter notebook (https://github.com/fastai/course-v3/blob/master/nbs/dl1/lesson2-download.ipynb) code, it will save as “download”. From there you can rename it to say “bears.csv” and will change the file to its respective desired code.