SKLearn + Pandas How-Tos on Kaggle Housing Price Dataset

Hi All,

For those of you who are just getting starting in data science and just imported pandas and sklearn for the very first time. I put together a demonstration of the pandas + sklearn libraries using the Iowa housing prices data. I designed this material to help my fellow USF students get up to speed, but maybe itll be a good introduction or review for you all.

This notebook is hosted on kaggle. you can signup with your own account, fork the notebook, and try out python + pandas + sklearn yourself on the kaggle website.

Also, if you have some killer dataframe tricks, or know of some great data-transformation libraries, would love to hear about it!



This is looking great Tim - thanks for sharing!

Terrific resource, bookmarked! All the how-tos are very useful form a newcomer perspective.
One other skill I found useful was plotting histograms, frequency distributions (using matplotlib/seaborn etc,) for data inspection.