Skipped part of Lesson 1 (Create-a-VGG-model-from-scratch-in-Keras)

In the Lesson 1 Video, Jeremy runs out of time and is not able to cover the Create-a-VGG-model-from-scratch-in-Keras section.

Is that covered elsewhere in the course or should we just sort of peck through it and experiment on our own?

I also don’t know what do with this session… I’ve just skipped it. I’m trying to work my way through the homework assignment from the Lesson Notes by using the Vgg16 class.

@arrais I think we can actually do the homework assignment without covering this specific section. I’m just curious if it’s covered later in the videos, or if it would be helpful to have someone add a bit to the course notes fort lesson1 (which I would be happy to do)

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I recently started with this course and also got confused when I started reading that section. Do you have more info about it?

Go through each of lessons step by step. The course part I is good enough with knowledge required for deep learning.

I was also curious about whether or not I should do this part. I’ve opted to do it because having more knowledge is beneficial and unlike other MOOC’s there’s no time limit for each lesson.