Signup details - Part 2 2022 Practical Deep Learning for Coders

Hi @jeremy
Good day !!
I am really excited to join the part 2 online classes starting in October. Signed up and registered already.

Would you know when the login details for the course will be emailed out to folks signing up?

Many Thanks


I also do not have the details to access the class - already registered

You should be automatically registered to the forum category 2022 Part 2.
See if you see this forum and can browse topics. You should be good to go

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how can i register? where is the link please which have information about part2 2022 course

I believe the registrations are now closed :slightly_frowning_face: I tried to register yesterday and there was no option to do so. The page for registrations is this one: Practical Deep Learning for Coders (a UQ collaboration with Part 2 - School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering - University of Queensland

so we have to wait 2 or 3 monthes for the course to be released online? :disappointed_relieved:

Well, that page does mention that they might consider late applicants and I e-mailed the address listed on the page, but so far have not heard anything. So I don’t know if I should hold out hope or not. But I guess you can try too?

@AhmedZaitoon Just a heads up, registrations for the Part 2 course are open again and will be open till 1st November (I believe). I’d grab the chance while I can since the first lecture in the course (which is available for free on YouTube) has already been a real eye opener for me :slight_smile:

lesson 9 and 10 are available, does this mean that rest of lessons will be available in the near time

how much the course costs ? i am an master student?

I believe the details of costs and discounts for students etc. are on the page I linked to :slight_smile:

yes i did read it but i didn’t get it clearly

I signed up 2 days back, but still do not have login details or any email regarding access to course videos. Any pointers whom to contact regarding this?
@jeremy @seem

Registrations are provided to me by UQ on Mondays. If you want to be added before then, PM me your receipt.