Shutting down AWS?

I got AWS set up today, and I was wondering if we needed to shut down more than just jupyter notebooks after we finish using it? Do we need to shut down the instance using ssh or the amazon control panel? Thanks!

@vnator Yes, if you have a persistent instance you should stop it (either using ssh or control panel). Otherwise you’ll get charged!

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A wise man once told me “you stop it, not terminate!” :relaxed:


You just need to stop it after you are done working on your jupyter notebook. Jupyter notebook can be shutdown using “Ctrl+C twice”.(in your terminal)

Stopping your notebook isn’t the key step - the key step is to shut down your AWS instance, as @memetzgz points out above.

Thanks everyone! I shut down jupyter as well as the AWS instance from the control panel.

Yes, I agree. I do shutdown AWS instance too after I’m done. That’s what i meant to say. Shut down the AWS instance from the AWS page and also jupyter notebook from terminal.