Showing error No such file or directory: 'Text/Banded_Racer.txt'

When i am downloading the data set it gave me an error that no file or directory present named
Banded_Racer.txt . But there is a file present named Banded_Racer.txt

plz see the attachment


Hi Abhinavsp0730 hope you are well!

Run path ls() in your notebook just before the cell in the image.
Also right click Branded_Racer.txt in the Files section on the left hand side of the image and copy the path.
Compare the two to see where the problem is.

Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley::smiley:

Now i was stuck on render part.
My web app is stuck in analyzing part.
Any idea how to resolve it.

Okay would you please tell me what to do to show result = No snake present in the picture.
Lyk if the probability distribution is less than 50% it will show no snake present in the picture???