Show_install modification suggestion

I was creating a new notebook and wanted to pull in show_install to ensure that my environment looked correct and I think it is kind of strange how you call it at the moment. So in the docs, it says show_install is located here:

from fastai.utils.collect_env import *

but it seems like this only need to be

from fastai.utils import * 

So I was curious what needed to happen to make this happen (also if people are interested in this change). To me, it just seems like it fits the fastai library just having the two levels. My suggestion is to add the following to the file:

from .collect_env import *

__all__ = [*collect_env.__all__]

I tried this in my local environment and it worked as I expected it to.

Here is the PR if there is interest:

This change is now implemented. Hopefully it is slightly more intuitive than the old way!