Show_batch customization

Is there a way to pass in some arguments or customization that I can add more information in show_batch()?

In this example, the task is a multi-label classification problem, thus 3 numbers are shown. However, I would want to also plot the actual character (which is not the label, the task is to predict 3 components of this character)

You will need to make your own custom class, extending the one you are currently using and overriding the methods that get called when you use show batch or show results

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Thx, but it seems to be the fast_v1 class, I am looking for v2 customization.

to supplement, my label will be 3 label per prediction, but I want to do show_batch to show the 3 components + the whole character, therefore I want it to show 4 things instead.

You can write custom show function for decodes. Have a look at this tutorial for version 2.

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