Should we start a Twitter Hashtag?

Should we start a Twitter Hashtag? To Live tweet during classes? #FastAIv3


That might not be a bad idea as the live topic on the forums really slows down for me during the class. Does anyone else have that problem?

The course materials shouldn’t be shared on public networks until the MOOC is released.

We’ll try to upgrade the forums.

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Upgrade Discourse or the better way is?

Next time we might need to have a separate forum thread Lesson 2: Questions to Jeremy… and nothing else.

Source: Lesson 1: class discussion and resources.

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Definitely we need a specific “Lesson 2: Ask Jeremy” thread. We can have regular banter on a different topic thread.

I was kind of scared that someone with a question regarding an install error was going to get 6 upvotes and then we would have a constitutional crisis: would Rachel ask the question live during the course?

But my faith in humanity was restored and we didn’t put Rachel in that position.


Yes this is a great point - I’m planning to have multiple chat threads next time:

  • Advanced chat (anything not covered in the lesson)
  • General chat
  • Q&A

There won’t be an “ask Jeremy” since anyone can answer. :slight_smile: