Short Internship/Contract Possibility May 2019 Environmental Protection

I have a client who is a State Environmental Agency seeking an intern to evaluate and then develop a proof of concept ML project to show agency staff. I’m keen to use for obvious reasons. Would be a 6 week internship (offsite is ok) at stipend of $5k total. Not a lot of $$ but you cannot beat the mission. See below for more details.

Message me if you would like to on our list. Sorry, because of contract stuff this one is restricted to US citizens.
i’m also louis.sweeny on linked-in.

More background:
I’ working through the course 1 slowly. We have a list of candidate projects that include, object detection, NLP, regression and mixes of those, all things directly supported by libraries. Specific examples include: detection of “asthma” related posts on twitter, and correlating them with air quality sensor data. Classifying sat images for “smoke-from-forest-fire”, classifying narrative text reports about chemical spills to ID the most “serious” ones. We have literature on lots of these, and preliminary data sources ID. We would likely adjust the project based on our intern’s skills and interest. This is a pure proof of concept, so no issues associated with security, data sensitivity, or scaling are involved.