Share useful resources to master fastai and best practices

I have finished fastai course part 1 and want some resources to master fastai and know best practices.
Is there any series online focus on coding specifically about fastai!
Or i think some should share with us project every day on YouTube or something similar!

There is, I wrote a whole two part course on that + almost-all-encompassing-resource :wink:

I also have a new course on the horizon (more on this soon)

And a large number of fastai-focused videos on the channel:

(Self-plug over now :smiley: )


I know you :sweat_smile: i am a fan!
I read almost your kaggle notebooks last week!
And followed you in Twitter and LinkedIn and see your website 3 time today!
I. Am really wondering is the coming course for free!

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It will not be, but it won’t be abhorrently expensive promise :slightly_smiling_face:

The bits in WWF v1 will already take you far that are available for free.

Glad you’re a fan :hugs:

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