SF Happy Hour / Hangout Time

Hey SF people,
I feel like there’s probably a lot of great people in this course. And I haven’t had a good opportunity to just meet and hear about who ya’ll are. I’d really love to hangout with everyone in a more relaxed setting. Who’s interested in informally grabbing drinks some day soon? Like maybe on Friday the 13th, after work, at 6:30pm? We can pick a bar in the area. I could also be down to do this on another weekday, or on Sundays. But thought I’d just throw a time out there to get the ball rolling. Let me know! - Blake


That’s a nice idea!

A class dinner maybe?! (Am I thinking too far?)

Yeah I’d say let’s do a bar that also serves food. I was suggesting bar so that we can all stand and move around, so that it’s easier to talk to more people, and don’t have to deal with large reservations and stuff.

How many of you are there in person in SF?

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At least 100+, cause that’s how many people show up to the class.

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So can I get some RSVP’s here? Who’s down for this Friday at a bar (exact location tbd) at a bar in SF near where class is held? I feel like if I get at least 4 others, it’ll be a good time. Who’s down?

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I’d be interested for a happy hour, but in the following weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

We could organize this every friday as well? (or other day)

If you could make it 6:45 pm … some of us from the South Bay could make up up. Just my two cents.

Yeah 6:45 is fine. Let’s just say 7 and make it easy.

I m down for meeting up at a bar this Friday in SF


Are you in for Friday at 7? It looks like we’ve got 2 others

I’m in.

Hey ya’ll! So after a bit of yelp sleuthing, I say let’s go to Barcha at 7pm this Friday, the 13th. Barcha has a full bar and Mediterranean food. See ya there! Looking forward to it. And anyone who is just seeing this and hasn’t RSVP’d, don’t worry, please come on by!

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Blake Can you re-announce this in the forums? Thanks !