Setting up

HI.I am using jupyter from anaconda.I downloaded repo and then opened jupyter in fastai folder,but when I am trying to import functions from fastai library I am geting error.Can someone explain me how can i do it correctly?

You have to run the command

pip install fastai
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Thank You.When I wanted to download repo from kaggle I got the same problem.Is the solution similar?

What problem? Error when you import the functions?

I used Git bash to clone repo, then I used anaconda prompt to turn on Jupyter.I created new notebook and when I followed instructions on the page “x_l = np.load(’…/input/Sign-language-digits-dataset/X.npy’)” I got error ‘no such file or directory’.

‘Command “python egg_info” failed with error code 1 in C:\Users\tomas\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-install-h189jh09\pyproj’ I am getting this error :confused: