Setting up a Docker container for running a "testing" web app

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to set up a Docker container with python, theano, keras, tensorflow and other dependencies to use it as a host for a web api that can predict features off an image using my vgg16 based model.

Part of this, i want to have some model visualisation options so i stumbled upon this:

This requires caffe to work, so I’m trying to set it up in docker. My container is already functional, with python 3.5, keras, tensorflow, theano, etc.

However, when trying to compile caffe, I get an error:
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:104 (add_dependencies):
The dependency target “pycaffe” of target “pytest” does not exist.

Anyone has any experience with this and can point me to the right direction? Tried google/stackoverflow for the past few hours and haven’t been able to figure it out.

Relevant part of dockerfile for caffe installation:

    # Install Caffe
    RUN git clone -b ${CAFFE_VERSION} --depth 1 /root/caffe && \
    cd /root/caffe && \
    cat python/requirements.txt | xargs -n1 pip3 install && \
    mkdir build && cd build && \
    cmake -DCPU_ONLY=1 -DBLAS=Open .. && \
    make -j"$(nproc)" all && \
    make install

   # Set up Caffe environment variables
   ENV CAFFE_ROOT=/root/caffe