Sentence/Document Embedding in fastaiV2

Hi all

Has anyone tried using their pretrained/finetuned LM to create embeddings for a sentence ?

In fastai 1.X , I’d do the following

text_n, _ =  # get the numericalised text from model
# reset initialise the hidden state, we're not traiing
    encoder = learner.model[0]
    with torch.no_grad():
        output = encoder.eval()(text_n)

I could then go on to do some sort of weighted average pooling / max pooling to get a sentence representation.

Does anyone know how to do the same thing using fastai V2 ?

I’ve looked through the forums and the source code. The solution isn’t apparent to me.

You can do the same thing just do:

x = next(iter(dl))

And then use the same model code I believe

Dear @IamAri and @muellerzr,

thanks for bringing this topic up. I feel it is floating around in the forum quite a bit.

(See also



Personally, I have also been stuck at the point you mentioned above. I tried implementing the solution you suggested. However, it spits out an error. I have added a screenshot below. Could you take a look at it and give me a hint on what I have missed?

Thank you.

Hi friend, Have you solved the above problem of using fastai v2 for document embedding? Any help would be appreciated!

I use the following callback to extract the sentence embeddings. (I found the pooling functions here in the forums.)

def _masked_max_pool(output, mask, bptt):
    return output.masked_fill(mask[:,:,None], -float('inf')).max(dim=1)[0]

def _last_hdn_pool(output, mask, bptt):
    last_lens = mask[:,-bptt:].long().sum(dim=1)
    return output[torch.arange(0, output.size(0)),-last_lens-1]

def _masked_avg_pool(output, mask, bptt):
    lens = output.shape[1] - mask.long().sum(dim=1)
    avg_pool = output.masked_fill(mask[:, :, None], 0).sum(dim=1)
    return avg_pool

_pooler = {
    'concat': masked_concat_pool,
    'max': _masked_max_pool,
    'last': _last_hdn_pool,
    'avg': _masked_avg_pool,

class SentenceEmbeddingCallback(Callback):
    def __init__(self, pool_mode='max'):
        self.pooler = _pooler[pool_mode]
        self.sentence_encoder = learn.model[0]
    def before_fit(self): = not hasattr(self.learn, 'lr_finder') and hasattr(self, "gather_preds") and rank_distrib()==0
    def after_pred(self):  
        feat = self.feat
        hook = self.hook
        first_epoch = True if self.learn.iter == 0 else False

        bptt = getattr(self.sentence_encoder, 'bptt')

        enc = hook.stored[0]
        mask = hook.stored[1]
        vec = self.pooler(enc, mask, bptt).detach().cpu()
        preds = F.softmax(self.learn.pred, dim=1).detach().cpu().argmax(dim=1)
        feat['pred'] = preds if first_epoch else['pred'], preds),0)

        dec = learn.dl.decode_batch((learn.x,learn.y), max_n=len(learn.x))
        dec_lists = list(map(list, zip(*dec)))
        texts = dec_lists[0]
        texts = [t.replace('\t','').replace('\n','').replace('xxbos ','').replace('xxup ','').replace('xxmaj ','').replace(' ', '').replace('▁', ' ') for t in texts]
        feat['text'] = texts if first_epoch else feat['text'] + texts

        feat['vec'] = vec if first_epoch else['vec'], vec),0)
        if hasattr(learn, 'y'):
            y = learn.y.detach().cpu()
            feat['y'] = y          if first_epoch else['y'], y),0)
    def after_validate(self):

    def _setup(self):
        self.hook = hook_output(self.sentence_encoder)
        self.feat = {}
    def _remove(self):
        if getattr(self, 'hook', None): self.hook.remove()

    def __del__(self): self._remove()

se_callback = SentenceEmbeddingCallback(pool_mode='concat')
preds = learn.get_preds(dl=dl, cbs=[se_callback])

feat = se_callback.feat

from sklearn.decomposition import PCA
pca = PCA(n_components=2)['vec'])
coords = pca.transform(feat['vec'])
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