Seattle deep learning hackathon

(Xinxin) #1

Inspired by @brendan and @Matthew at their recent sf hackathon win, I registered for the upcoming global ai hackathon in Seattle.. Anyone interested in joining force? It should be fun to put our learning to practice and see if we can make anything out of it.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

Good for you! Good luck :slight_smile:

(Igor Barinov) #3

I’ve signed up. It’s in 86 days, a lot of time to prepare

(Xinxin) #4

expedition has a hackathon on the weekend of May 20-21, 2017. I haven’t registered but it can be an opportunity to apply what we learn in text. Is this something that interests you?

Here is the summary:
Its focused on the ability to pull content for a from a variety of sources, determine which are meaningful to the users customers, and then deliver that content to the right people. - less about specific data more about authored content. ideas for focus areas are currently: Here are some challenges we’re wrestling with:

  • How might we fuse human curation with machine learning to prioritize what customers see?
  • How do we avoid missing out on important articles in neglected subject areas?
  • How might we empower authors to see the results of their work?


Thank you xinxin, I have signed up as well.

(brianorwhatever) #6

ah damn, I have a previous engagement that weekend or else I would totally be there

(Brendan Fortuner) #7

I think I’m participating in the San Francisco version of this!

(Roy) #8

@brendan do you have the link for SF version?

(Roy) #9

Got it !!

(mattobrien415) #10

What is the problem that this hackathon is trying to solve? There was no information on the site.