Scoliosis Image Datasets

My daughter has scoliosis and we’d like to work on a data science project together (she’s in high school and has some Python experience and experience with Keras, but I’ll bring her into the fastai fold :slight_smile:).

We are looking at this paper in Nature: Development and validation of deep learning algorithms for scoliosis screening using back images | Communications Biology.

What’s exciting is that there is a link to the data used. However this link is for Baidu cloud and it’s not obvious how to actually download the data. Ideally I’d like to bring this into a Kaggle Dataset.

Does anyone have experience grabbing files from Baidu cloud (without an account) from the command line and if so, could you advise how I get these files?

Alternatively, does anyone know of other publically available datasets of scoliosis back images and X-rays (there are a couple datasets on Kaggle but there is no provenance, license, or warranty that the images were collected with consent which makes them unsuitable to use for anything serious).

Thanks very much!


Hi @jonathanl , you may also be interested in this thread re scoliosis.

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