Saving Data Augmented generated Images locally

Hello! I’m trying to save locally the data augmented images, to use some of them in my validation set.

The problem I’m having is similar to the class 02, im making a classiffier of 100 toners, and for each toner I only have 1 image, but pretty much every retail uses the same image, sometimes in different resolutions, different lightings, etc. The problem is, if my validation set is constructed randomly, I have the problem that my classifier has never been trained for that particular toner. Instead I wanted to construct the validation set, picking 1 or 2 images at random from each augmented image generated, or maybe even picking the original, but i’m having a hard time finding how to save those.

If anyone has another way to approach this problem, that would be great, but I would like to try my method :smiley:
Thanks in advance!