San Francisco Full-Time Deep Dive / Project Group

Is anyone up for going heads down in-person for a few weeks together during the day in San Francisco (say 10am-4pm) to work our way through Part 1 then Part 2? I’m confident we can find a VC fund to host us (and worst case there’s plenty of room in my house).

I just finished winding down the startup I founded 2.5 years ago (we scaled to 50 remote engineers and there’s plenty of a separate story there) and I’ve been excited about just taking some time just to learn and build with others (it’s too lonely for me to just sit in my office working through videos and projects). Previously I was a Technical Product Manager at AWS, and I’ve taken some of the courses in-person and online, though never had the full-time commitment to learning that I’m ready for now :slight_smile:

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Hi, Doug. I’m also based in the Bay Area, and while I can’t currently commit to doing in-person and during the day. I am considering carving out some time on my nights and weekends to learn part 2 and also build a project.

Good luck on the projects! I got a bunch of messages from folks who want to do asynchrony/remote so you’ll be able to find many folks in the other threads.

I’ve found one engineer so far to take me up on in-person and work hours so we’ll stick with these restrictions. Still open to others who want to join!

Hey Doug,

Thanks for this great initiative. I’m also committed full-time to learning now and found it lonely. Although I’m based in Sydney, I can fly to San Francisco to join you for two weeks. Just let me know when and where.

I believe our time to build a great company has come. I’m working on a prototype for building customised AI for YouTubers.

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