Salamander import error, _C symbol

Yup works perfectly, Thank youu

Thanks @jeremy for the tip about torch and torchvision.

I’m working on a Google Cloud VM with code that requires an older version (1.0.54) due to a call we use changing in 1.0.55+. This might be useful for people requiring a repeatable install.

To meet all of the requirements for v1 I’ve found the following work - note explicitly specifying the torch version due to changing support within fastai.

conda install -c pytorch -c fastai fastai pytorch=1.1.0
pip install fastai torch==1.1.0 torchvision
git clone
cd fastai
git checkout release-1.0.54 # to specify version as noted above
pip install -e ".[dev]"

Able to happily run dogs_cats.ipynb after this (as well as my code).