Runtime Error while running create_cnn

I am trying to build a image classifier on a bunch of mel spectogram images.

My image data is in two separate folders. I use the following code to load it in.

tfms = get_transforms(do_flip=False, max_rotate=None, max_warp=None)

data = ImageDataBunch.from_df(data_path, test_df,valid_pct=0.2,ds_tfms = tfms, size = 224, bs = 16).normalize(imagenet_stats)

Running the below code gives me this:

data.show_batch(3, figsize=(8,4), hide_axis=False)


But when I run the following code:
learn = create_cnn(data, models.resnet34, metrics=accuracy) learn.fit_one_cycle(4)

I get this error:
RuntimeError: Given groups=1, weight of size 64 1 7 7, expected input[16, 3, 224, 224] to have 1 channels, but got 3 channels instead

Kindly help me with this problem or even pointers to where to look will be helpful. Thanks

Can you give some details about how you are defining your tfms?

I edited the original post. Here is the tfms

tfms = get_transforms(do_flip=False, max_rotate=None, max_warp=None)

Thank You