Running OpenCL accelerations in macOS Mojave

I shouldn’t have acquired the 2018 MacBook Pro (yet) with the new T2 chip. But that’s a different issue, I’m here to find out who else plans on using NVIDIA drivers on Mojave and how/if they got it to work.
I have a GTX1080 enclosed in an Akitio Thunderbolt3 but the (very nice) automated setup scripts do not work. And for a good reason: NVIDIA has not updated its drivers for the Metal2 framework.

Apparently the other alternative would be OpenCL, but it’s been dropped by Apple, again, in favor of Metal2. Did anyone try to run OpenCL in Mojave? How about simply using CPU? Is there any gains that make configuring GPU unnecessary?

I haven’t tried that, but another idea that might help-dual booting ubuntu on the macbook might solve all of the issues.

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Do you mean Ubuntu 18.10 that came out 2 days ago? I tried dual-boot and haven’t succeeded yet with 18.04. Apparently the 2018 MBP brings new hardware that the Ubuntu community has no current support for. I could be wrong…

You could try ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04
I’m not very sure if 18.10 will have all the dependencies working properly.

The situation between Apple and NVIDIA is a bit muddy, see here:

If you’re on the Nvidia dev forum, please use the link and cast your vote to make folks at Nvidia release updated drivers for macOS Mojave.

@init_27 I did try to dual-boot with Ubuntu, but the new hardware architecture (T2 security chip) just won’t let me see my disk partitions when I’m about to install Ubuntu from a USB stick. All I see is the stick drive. Even after I disabled SIP and BIOS security checks.

Wow, that’s very strange. And the user is at loss, thanks to their “hot potato” situation.

I could only recommend using cloud servers until there’s a solid fix. You might get frustrated trying to find a fix.
There are some fine ways to make it slightly more affordable-using Spot instances or using GCP’s free credits. The spot instance portion has been discussed on the forums, a quick search would help you get started.

I’m happy to help if needed.

PS: I had a choice of getting the box+eGPU for my MacBook. Because of the Apple’s closed behavior and no fixes on the constant CONDA updates, I decided to cash out quite a lot of money for a “gaming laptop” (CPU Setup wasn’t an option). I think that’s what I should recommend to friends aiming to get an eGPU setup now.

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There are cheaper options than a gaming laptop (since most come with a GPU). How about the mini PC like the ZOTAC Zbox or the Intel NUC? I hear they are now actively adding Thunderbolt 3 ports now…