Retrofitting the Womb: Deep Painterly Harmonization of Ultrasound Images

Based on Lesson 12. Much thanks to @sgugger for his excellent post and Jupyter Notebook on Deep Painterly Harmonization!


Oh my goodness. This is a clever application. And Congratulations on the new nephew.

She’s actually a niece, but thank you on both counts!

That’s a funny application! Congrats on the new niece, she looks very pretty with her captain America shield.
PS: I know it’s an annoying French name, but it’s Sylvain, not Sylvian :wink:

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Sylvain, my apologies about the misspelling! Thanks for letting me know, got it changed in the post.

This is a really cool article! Really nice application! Would it be possible for you to explain how you processed the 3d image?