Resources for those that want to skip ahead

I know that some folks in the class have some prior experience with deep learning, and/or are putting in 40+ hours a week into this course - I want to ensure that you get as much out of the course as possible, so I figured I’d start a thread with resources and ideas for those that want to skip ahead faster and/or deeper than the lessons.

Here’s a great resource to start off the discussion with - a well-curated list of deep learning papers in a good order for self-study: . Also, those interested in understanding the math at a deep level, the Deep Learning Book is a good resource.


Some beginner-intermediate level resources:

Advanced resources:

  • University of Oxford Deep Learning - presents advanced concepts in a way that I, frankly, found unnecessarily complex and math-heavy. But it’s the only course (so far) that includes cutting edge recent advances in deep learning
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