Rendsolve GPU Cloud

Hey FastAI

My name is Phillip, Founder of Rendsolve! Rendsolve is a GPU focused cloud computing platform, Our target is Engineers and Creatives who are dependant on GPU compute. We have RTX , Quadro and Tesla P100 systems. Access is easy, We have a web console for SSH, VNC or RDP. After configuration you can access your VM over the browser with a Jupyter Notebook also.

We have a FastAI 0.7 capsule for you guys, If you choose to deploy that, all is needed is a simple line to launch your learning and Lesson 1 is completely set up with the dataset. Here is an article on our FastAI capsule. We will move to a v1 capsule when the new course is out.

What are Capsules? Simply there just another word for One Click Apps (DO) or Images/Templates (GCP/AWS). Our capsules allow engineers to have a fully featured GPU accelerated ML system up and running. You can read more about our ML Capsules here.

We have some trial machines set up for you to test, We can offer these for 24 hours to new users they are on GTX 1070 GPUs with 8 vCPU and 12GB Mem. We have 4 of these so please be patient if there is a high demand we may not be able to give one to you on the spot but we can schedule you in for one. To access please create an account and open a support ticket requesting a FastAI test system.

Secondly until the end of January we are offering to users of FastAI a 1 to 1 on credits. Essentially putting the platform at half price, Credits don’t expire so no need to use them at a given time. Minimum is $10.

I would love to hear your feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

I’ll leave some link here:
Getting Started with Rendsolve.
Setting up you Jupyter Notebook Portal.
Fast.Ai Datasets.
Security & Data Privacy