Refurb Asus 1070 and Core i7 $1099 on Newegg

Hi all,

For those of you who might be interested in building or otherwise owning your own hardware, I found this deal on Newegg:

Seems like a good price for a machine that would easily accept a newer/beefier GPU when prices go down. And you don’t have to build it yourself (which is fun, but not always what you want to spend your time on).

Anyway, hot tip! Hope it’s helpful.


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Nice deal, but again building refurbished is a good choice especially for Deep Learning workflows where reliability also plays an important factor… I remember when I purchased Video Editing Workstation when Indian system integrator had few refurbished systems in stock with 6 months warranty. The system was 4.5 years when I was in the initial stage of my organisation but reliability was the concern yes it used to crash.

Hence, I believe it all boils down to reliability vs cost effectiveness and yes lucrative deals <3